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Here’s an overview of my open source projects. I do also contribute to other projects, but the ones below is where I’m leading the development.

Dynamic DynamoDB

Dynamic DynamoDB provides auto scaling for AWS DynamoDB. The project as come to be the defacto standard for auto scaling DynamoDB and it provides a large set of configuration options.

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Cumulus Deployment Suite

Cumulus is a deployment suite used to deploy and manage environments built with AWS CloudFormation. Cumulus is used at major companies deploying infrastructure and code in production environments.

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Automatically assign Elastic IPs to AWS EC2 instances. This can be really nice in auto scaling groups were you need to communicate the external IP’s to third party systems.

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automated-ebs-snapshots is used to periodically take snapshots of EBS volumes in AWS EC2. You can define a schedule and a retention scheme for the snapshosts:

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This is a Scrapy pipeline for storing scraped items in MongoDB.


The Meteor Autocompletion project provides client side autocompletion from collections directly to HTML <input> elements.

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The git-pylint-commit-hook is a Python script that executes pylint as a Git pre-commit hook. You can set up rules saying that only Python files with a pylint score over e.g. 8.0 may be committed.

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{elliot.js} is a near real time graphing library intended for use in web applications with frequently updated data streams.

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