Dynamic DynamoDB 1.10.0 released

March 21, 2014

Reading time ~1 minute

Dynamic DynamoDB version 1.10.0 has now been released. The latest update introduces two new features:

  • SNS notifications
  • EC2 Instance Profile authentication

The two new features are described below. Please report any issues at the project GitHub page. All general feedback is also welcome as comments here or tweets to @sebdah.

SNS notifications

The new SNS support makes it possible for you to configure a SNS topic to which Dynamic DynamoDB should send it’s notifications. You can then subscripe to that topic in order to get e.g. email or HTTP requests on certain events. Initially Dynamic DynamoDB supports the following events:

  • Scale up events (scale-up)
  • Scale down events (scale-down)

Configure SNS notifications on a per table or global secondary index basis. Here’s an example:

Previously Dynamic DynamoDB supported fetching the AWS access keys using the command line parameters, the configuration file or environment variables (or any method supported by boto). With the release of 1.10.0 we introduce support for EC2 Instance Profile credentials as well, so Dynamic DynamoDB can inherit the credentials assigned to your EC2 instance.

Happy hacking!

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