Bootstrap3 with accounts support in MeteorJS

December 30, 2013

Reading time ~1 minute

I’m writing a project where I’m using Bootstrap 3 and MeteorJS. As MeteorJS ships with Bootstrap 2, we’re using Meteorite to handle packages.

If you haven’t installed Meteorite already, please have a look at the Meteorite README.

Install necessary packages

We will need to install three packages, one for Facebook authentication support, one for Bootstrap 3 itself and one for the accounts user interface with Bootstrap 3 support.

mrt add accounts-facebook
mrt add bootstrap-3
mrt add accounts-ui-bootstrap-3

Client HTML code

Ok, let’s take a look at the client side HTML code. I’ve two templates, one with the body text and one with the Bootstrap 3 navbar. Note how easy it is to add the loginButtons to the menu.

The application should look something like this now:

Don’t forget to configure your Facebook app according to the instructions when clicking Configure Facebook login.


That’s all you’ll need to do to get Bootstrap 3 and a Bootstrap 3 styled accounts interface up and running.

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