Dynamic DynamoDB with Global Secondary Indexes support

December 26, 2013

Reading time ~1 minute

Dynamic DynamoDB has just been released in version 1.7.0. It contains a long list of goodies. But the major feature is the support for Global Secondary Indexes (GSI) in DynamoDB.

When it comes to provisioning, think of GSI just like regular tables. They have read and write capacity and can be scaled up and down just like tables. But it does not happen automatically when you change the provisioning of the table. However, Dynamic DynamoDB does now support automatic provisioning of GSIs.


Upgrade to the latest Dynamic DynamoDB using pip:

pip install -U dynamic-dynamodb


GSI configuration works just as tables. You simply add a new section in your Dynamic DynamoDB configuration. Let’s say that you have a table configuration like this:

[table: ^blogPosts$]

To add a configuration for a GSI named myGSI in the blogPosts table, add a section like this:

[gsi: ^myGSI$ table: ^blogPosts$]

All configuration options work the same as for tables. Have a look in the DynamoDB GSI documentation for details. The example configuration does also cover GSI.


Thanks to the AWS DynamoDB team for early access, testing and feedback during this release.

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