markdown-docs - Project documentation handling

April 27, 2013

Reading time ~1 minute

The first version of markdown-docs has been released to PyPI now. markdown-docs handles documentation for projects writing their documentation in Markdown.

The problem with having a bunch of Markdown files spread out over your project hierarchy is that it soon gets difficult to overlook. markdown-docs solves this problem by collecting all your Markdown files and serve them as a static HTML page.

You can choose to use the embedded web server to serve the HTML pages for you or simply open the generated HTML files in your browser.

If you have any ideas for improvement or if you run into any bugs, please file an issue at GitHub issues.


It is dead simple to install markdown-docs with pip:

pip install markdown-docs

Upgrading can be done at any time with

pip install --upgrade markdown-docs

Basic usage

The default mode is to use the embedded web server in markdown-docs. Just cd to your project directory and type


When the generation is done, just point your browser to http://localhost:5000. You will then see something like this:

Happy doc browsing!

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