Dynamic DynamoDB 0.3.0 relased

March 27, 2013

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A new release of Dynamic DynamoDB has been released. This version with number 0.3.0 includes the following new features:

Configuration files

You can now configure your Dynamic DynamoDB with regular Python configuration files. There is a full example with comments under the Example configuration file section at http://sebdah.github.com/dynamic-dynamodb/.

Maintenance windows

It is now possible to configure maintenance windows. Those windows will restrict Dynamic DynamoDB to make changes only during those time slots. You can define multiple time slots in your configuration file like this:

maintenance-windows: 22:00-23:59,00:00-06:00

Please note that all times in Dynamic DynamoDB is in UTC.

Custom AWS credentials

A minor tweak has been made so that you can use custom AWS access keys in addition to the configuration options you get from boto. Credentials can be configured in the configuration file like this:

aws-access-key-id: AWS_ACCESS_KEY
aws-secret-access-key-id: AWS_SECRET_KEY

And from the command line using --aws-access-key-id and --aws-secret-access-key.


Check out the project website for more details!

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